The 3 Major Causes of Infertility


 Infertility affects up to 1 in 4 couples and the U.S. Birth rate is at an all time low(1).  Many people ask why we have such an Infertility Epidemic.   and even though age does play a significant role,  there are 3 Major Factors :

 1) Environmental Toxicity

     In the last 50 years more than 84,000 chemicals have been released into our environment and only 1% have been tested for safety (2).  And the average woman puts 168 chemicals on her body EVERY MORNING (3).  

2) Poor Nutrition

     In the last 30 years most people are consuming a significantly higher amount of processed foods which lack nutrition and are made with cheap, inferior ingredients which impact fertility.  Plus there is a great confusion in what is a “Healthy Fertile Diet”.(4)

3) Stress

    Stress plays a huge role on whether we conceive. And when the first 2 factors are present, it causes the stress levels to increase, causing a vicious cycle of frustration, sadness and anger. 


What can we do? 

There is Hope.

These 3 factors can be corrected with the right education and healing strategies such as regular Acupuncture & Herbal medicine. 

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