Today is World Embryologist Day.

This is the 41stanniversary of the birth of Louise Brown, the world’s first IVF baby. Years later, more than eight million babies have been born through in vitro fertilization, giving hope to millions of couples living with infertility issues.  We would love to take this time to thank all the embryologists who are responsible for helping build families all across the globe.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) assists in fertilizing a woman’s eggs with sperm in a laboratory and then implanting the healthiest embryo into a woman’s uterus. The birth of the first IVF baby is still one of the greatest accomplishments for reproductive medicine.  This treatment has been able to change the lives of many families. 

According to the National Survey of Family Growth; one in eight couples will have trouble getting pregnant or holding a pregnancy, and that almost 12% of women will receive infertility services in their lifetimes.  It’s important to learn more about your reproductive health sooner than later. 

Our environment today plays a large role in the 
acceleration of the reproductive clock. These live-fast lifestyles and habits can age our bodies much quicker than necessary.

– High stress levels
– Poor sleep habits
– Unhealthy eating
– Caffeine and alcohol consumption
– Smoking
– Environmental toxins
– Work/life imbalance

What can you do to help boost your fertility? There are many things that can focus on to help increase the chances of conceiving and a healthy pregnancy. We can help to further the damage the years have put on our bodies and help to renew our energy. 

– Nutrition (well balanced, portion control
– Lifestyle (exercise, rest and deep sleep) 
– Stress management & mind-body tools (Tai Chi Chuan, Qi Gong, meditation)
– Community (building a support group of family, friends, and you)
– Acupuncture and laser (LLLT) acupuncture for fertility.

Beginning to take control of your health before your first IVF appointment is recommended for the best outcome. Take the time today to start supporting and preparing the body to be its best with acupuncture! Call us to schedule an appointment today at (631) 424-8602.